Girls Generation becomes Oh GG!

Maria Marcus co-wrote the song “Fermata”, B-side on Oh GG!’s release Lil’ Touch.

EXO – “Drop that”

EXO releases DVD including Maria Marcus song “Drop That”.

Namie Amuro “Finally” DVD

Namie Amuro’s last tour on DVD released today with 1,1 million pre orders including 3 songs from Maria Marcus (6 tracks).

Kumi Koda “Haircut”

Koda is once again surprising with her colourful videos. “Haircut” written by Johan Becker, Fredrik Thomander, Andreas Öberg and Maria Marcus. Produced by Maria.

The Rampage from Exile Tribe

“The Typhoon Eye” was written directly for the The Rampage, a part of the collective supergroup Exile Tribe, composed by 16 members.

Henrikes – “Happy”

Swedish artist Henrikes is releasing her debut single “Happy”, written by Josefin Henrikes, Märta Grauers (also producing) and Maria Marcus.

Vera Blue – “Lady Powers” / Remix

Thank you Aneta Grulichova from for this review on Maria Marcus remix of the fast rising Australian star Vera Blue and her song “Lady Powers”

“Vera Blue’s Lady Powers is an amazing, empowering song about being respected as a woman and being comfortable in one’s own skin without using sexuality to do so.

The original version is already incredible with its hypnotic ’80s electro beats and soaring vocals to accompany Celia Pavey’s empowering lyrics. Swedish producer Maria Marcus’ remix takes the song to a whole new level, giving it a more grooving disco beat while still keeping it true to Blue’s. Of the excellent lot, Marcus’ version is the shining star, a tune you’ll be hearing in the club.”

High Score on Japanese Album Chart

oday was the release of JUJU’s album “I”. This meant a #1, #2 and #3 place on the Japanese Album Chart for Maria Marcus having co-written “Risky” for JUJU, “Drop that” for EXO and 3 songs on Namie Amuros million selling album “Finally”. 

Smiie – “925”

“925” from Smiie – written by: Andres Ballinas, Anthony Mills, Marcus Lindberg and Maria Marcus.

OH MY GIRL – “Love o’clock”

OH MY GIRL had a succes with “Windy Day” that was written and produced by Andreas Öberg and Maria Marcus. Today was the release of Love o’clock written by the same team.