The FLIGHTS - "2016"

We wrote “2016" on a dark November day, with the hope of better days to come. It’s for all of you who set sail when the wind blows, or act as beacons, leading others into the light.
"This year’s gonna be the best year. It’s only up from here..."

Written by: Fredrik Thomander, Maria Marcus and Sharon Vaughn




New single with BoA "Lookbook". 

Written by: Andreas Öberg, Tahiti Lenoni, Johan Becker and Maria Marcus.

Produced by: Tahiti Lenoni


Kana Nishino

Kana Nishino's album sold 50.000 copies on it's release day. Including the song "#1".

Written by: Lisa Desmond, Kentz and Maria Marcus. 

Produced by: Kentz.


Elin Rigby on P3

"By My Side" with Elin Rigby just added on P3 playlist!

Written by: Elin Rigby and Maria Marcus.

Produced by: Maria Marcus. 


The FLIGHTS - October Single "Back To You"

The third release from the The FLIGHTS Back to you” is about giving all you have without knowing what comes back. For Maria and Fredrik this meant leaving their comfort zones; producing music for other artists in Stockholm. The FLIGHTS based in Palma de Mallorca spend their days writing and producing their debut album, not in regular studio environments but where ever inspiration hits them. Here's the 3rd release from the Swedish duo:   


f(x) - The 4th Album '4 walls'

F(X) is releasing their 4:th album “4 walls” including the song “Glitter”.

Written by: Andreas Öberg and Maria Marcus. 

Produced by: Maria Marcus.