Chenoa - Soy Humana

In 2014 Maria Marcus started to collaborate with the Spanish artist Chenoa for her album Otra Dirección. Summer 2016 as Maria moved down to Palma they developed their collaboration and did an entire album together.

Here is the firsrt single "Soy Humana", the video entered no 1 on iTunes Spain.  


Red Velvet - "One of these nights" / "7 wol i7"

Latest release from Red Velvet (Korean super girl group) contains the song "One of these nights" ("7 wol i7") that was written by 서지음, Maria Marcus, Andreas Öberg & Chanhee Whang and is released in no less than 4 versions. 


No 1 and 2 on Japanese DVD-chart

Maria co-wrote the song "Drop That" on EXO's album EXO PLANET which was No 1 on the Japanese DVD chart week 13. On second place for the DVD sales same week is Namie Amuro where you find Marias songs "Stranger", "Time has come" and "Photogenic". 


Namie Amuro - No 1 on Japanese DVD-chart

Namie Amuro released her Live DVD this week and topped the Japanese DVD chart first day. 

"Photogenic" written by: A. Öberg / Emyli / M. Marcus (producer)

"Time has come" written by: Erik Lidbom / M. Marcus (producer)

"Stranger" written by:  Dai / M. Marcus / Sky Beatz (producer) 


The FLIGHTS - "Falcon Fly"

A new release and this time in collaboration with Jana Julian Photography.

- The Iceland Project - 

Filmed on Iceland in 2015 by videographer Jana Julian (directing and editing) and Markus Sjöberg. 
Written by: Laila Samuels, Maria Marcus and Fredrik Thomander. 
Cello: Anna Dager.


The FLIGHTS - "Candle Wax"

The FLIGHTS have just won Brightest New Hope for 2016 in the 2016 Scandipop Awards. Today was the first release this year and starting with "Candle Wax" written by Fredrik Thomander, Maria Marcus, Tania Doko and Cam McGlinchey.