Namie Amuro - "Mint" and "Chit Chat"

Namie Amuro has sold more albums in Japan than Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Kesha have sold in the United States combined.

Today is the release for Namie Amuro's new single Mint which is also featured as the theme song on Kansai TV / Fuji TV’s drama series Bokuno Yabai Tsuma. A-side Mint and B-side Chit Chat written by Andreas Öberg, Emyli Kusunoki and Maria Marcus. Produced by Maria Marcus. Guitars by Andreas Öberg.




The FLIGHTS - "Help me remember"

The next single from The FLIGHTS is finally out. 

Written by Fredrik Thomander and Maria Marcus:



LOST SYSTEM feat. Mills

This turned out to be a collaboration from the north of Sweden via Stockholm and down to Palma de Mallorca. "Waste Away" LOST SYSTEM feat. Mills.

Written by: Andres Ballinas, Anthony Mills, Pontus Frisk and Maria Marcus.  




Kaaze - "Overrunning"

Kaaze is releasing "Overrunning" via Playbox. Maria Marcus on vocals. Written by: Kaaze, Andres Ballinas and Maria Marcus. 



Haley Reinhart - "Listen"

Better” is the upcoming second studio album by American singer-songwriter Haley Reinhart. Released April 29th via Olé and Red Dot Records. The final track on the album is "Listen", also featured in James Cameron's documentary "Years of living dangerously". Written by: Haley Reinhart, Anders Grahn & Maria Marcus. Produced by Maria Marcus. 


LINA - Charting No. 7 UK Pop Chart

LINA and "This ain't about you" entered Music Week's Pop Chart as No. 7 (UK). Written by Greg Holden, Katiy Dunstan and Maria Marcus.

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