Maja Keuc - Close to you

Maja Keuc, former winner of Slovenias Eurovision did this performance as a middle act 2014 during the Slovenien competition.

Written by Maja Keuc, Maria Marcus, Jonah Nilsson, Anna De Volder.

Produced by Maria Marcus.


Girls Generation - Love & Peace

Love & Peace includes three songs co-written and produced by Maria Marcus.

Motorcycle - Andreas Öberg, Maria Marcus

Gossip Girls - Andreas Öberg, Maria Marcus & Kanata Okajima

Do The Catwalk - Andreas Öberg, Maria Marcus & Kanata Okajima


Cho Yong Pil kicks Gangnam Style off the charts!

Psy's newest single "Gentleman" was rising to the top of charts around the world, but back in his motherland, another familiar face is in the top spot. 

Cho Yong Pil is a 63-year-old K-Pop legend, and the lead single from his 19th album Hello has ousted Psy from the top spot in six Korean music charts.


"Hello". Written by Scott Kryppaehne, Niclas Lundin and Maria Marcus.

Produced by Maria Marcus. 

Mixed by Tony Maserati. 


Sergey Lazarev feat. T-Pain

"Cure The Thunder" produced by Maria Marcus.

Written by: Andreas Moe, Hiten Bharadia and Maria Marcus.


Intro for Japanese super star Kumi Koda

The Intro song for Kumi Koda's album Japonesque was written and produced by Maria Marcus.